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If you like a specific product style, but wish to change its color combination, size, or add a unique decoration to the jewel – Visit the site’s “Customizer Assistant“.

What are the quality of the materials Franski Jewelry using?

We do our best to provide you only the finest quality beads and crystals available.

Every piece of jewelry work we present to you is made by Franski Jewelry – and is hand-crafted by one person.

In addition to that, the item is shipped after applying a detailed observation over the jewel.

If you still feel unsatisfied with the item, for any reason,

You can also contact us directly using our CONTACT PAGE.

Please mind visiting our RETURN POLICY too.

It is possible to gift-wrap your purchase. CONTACT US and ask for a gift wrap for your order. We’d love to make you an elegant, appealing wrapping, FREE of charge.

It’s ok. No hard feelings. We do our best to provide you the highest quality of jewels, at the shortest amount of time.

We made ourselves a goal to give our customers full transparency and description precision.

If from any reason, still feel like returning the jewel back to us, visit our CONTACT US page.

Note: It might be best for you to check our Return Policy before making a purchase!

We provide dimensions for most items within the shop (Can be found on the item’s description and/or the “Additional Information” tab on the jewel’s product page).

Have issues finding the size you need? Click HERE

Each and every one of us has a unique body measures. Naturally, some of our made jewels might not be in the perfect size for you.

If you are not pleased with the mentioned size on the products page, Feel free to contact us (via WhatsApp or Email).Simply send us the item of interest, your measure & preferred color combination, and we’ll so our best to provide you the item you were looking for.

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